On Premise

On-Premise software is software that is installed and run on hardware located on the user's premises, rather than on a cloud-based server. This type of software offers users more control and customization over their software environment and may be preferred for security or compliance reasons.

Use it when :

  • - You want to have complete control over your software environment and data.
  • - You need to comply with strict security or data privacy regulations.
  • - You want to have greater flexibility in customizing and configuring your software.
  • - You want to minimize dependency on third-party services.
  • - You have specific hardware requirements that cannot be met by cloud-based solutions.
  • - You prefer to make a one-time purchase of software rather than paying recurring subscription fees.

Consider :

  • - On-Premise software may require more upfront costs for hardware and installation.
  • - Updates and maintenance will need to be handled internally, which can add to ongoing costs and IT workload.
  • - On-Premise software may not offer the same level of scalability and accessibility as cloud-based solutions.
  • - You will be responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of your data and software environment.